Fostering Empathy Through Museums – A Conversation

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to coordinate and participate in a lively group discussion on “fostering empathy through museums” with a group of professionals at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore: “How might we make the most of what museums offer to foster empathy in our society?”

This gathering was a result of a series of conversations among a few friends who collectively decided to take our conversation to a larger group of friends from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to see where this might lead us… In addition to meeting fascinating people, including the director of an arts revitalization project visiting from Afghanistan, an adventure/organizational learning expert visiting from Turkey, an IT/social entrepreneur, a business executive, a museum curator, an artist and an activist, a journalist, an international relations expert –our informal gathering with no agenda, enabled each of us to share our thoughts about the role of empathy in our society, and learn from each other in an organically formed talking circle. One take-away shared by most participants was that of a feeling of how the setting of our gathering, affected the depth, the format, and the quality of our discussion. More to come on this subject as new events, and ideas take shape…

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are ever in Washington, D.C. area, and if you would like to join us for a conversation!


One thought on “Fostering Empathy Through Museums – A Conversation

  1. Great initiative and really enjoyed the discussion. Wonderful and thought provoking focus group! Hope the issue gets a wider public support and attention!


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